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“Children learn to communicate by interacting with carers, early childhood educators, and their peers. A child’s communication development is everyone’s responsibility. Speech pathologists can support children (and those who care for them) to build communication, and make sure children are developing appropriately.” – Speech Pathology Australia (SPA)

No, a referral is not required. You can refer your child to our practice by completing our client intake form or contacting our clinic directly. Some referrals may entitle you to Medicare rebates – please refer to our Fees & Rebates page for more information.

The initial appointment involves meeting with your therapist to complete a comprehensive case history, this is a vital step before administering any assessments as it allows the therapist insight into selecting appropriate assessments for the child.

During the initial consultation the speech pathologist will conduct an informal assessment of the child’s communication skills generally involving a range of play activities and will also discuss whether further assessments need to be administered as well as discussing goals to create a personalised approach to therapy.

Yes. If your cover includes speech pathology services then you will be able to claim a rebate. Check with your health fund for the rebate amount please refer to our funding options page for more information.

If the person who is seeing the speech pathologist is referred under a government program (e.g. Chronic Disease Management) they may be eligible to claim, via the MyGov portal.

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